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I often find myself disappointed at the service I get, whether it be at a retail store or when I go out to eat.  The place I am receiving the service is irrelevant, it’s the lack of service that is extremely disappointing sometimes. 

My husband say’s I set myself up for disappointment because I expect the same quality of service I give my clients.  Not to toot my own horn but I do believe and have been told I set the bar high.  It is almost to a fault sometimes but in the end the feeling that I get when I know people are beyond happy with what I have done for them, it makes it all worth the hard work and dedication to doing my job to the best of my ability and then some. 


 I can make a lot of money doing what I do and I never let that go to my head.  I’ve cleaned homes, painted walls, decorated, sat at city hall to get RPR’s signed, driven across town to pick up an RPR, taken calls at 11pm, held babies while parents look around a house, create rental ads and showed the property to renters even after I sold the house and on and on.  Some might say oh I’m way too busy to do any of those things and that’s not my job.  I say as a Realtor our job is to help you SELL your home or help you BUY your home and if it takes doing any of the above…I don’t mind one bit!!!!!


Is it ok to give minimal service because you don’t make a lot of money?  I don’t think so, I believe that whatever line of work you are working in whether it be slinging burgers at Wendy’s which I did by the way when I was 16 or making 200 000 a year as a lawyer.  Your work ethic should always be to do a great job.   Laziness should not be an option and if you think you are giving bad service because you hate your job then GET OUT and get a new one. 

If I am running a business that success is built on Customer Service then I better give the best service in the industry and hire the people who are dedicated to doing the same.   Think about getting a pedicure, you had one where the massage was a mere 5 seconds and you’ve had one where the massage lasted 7 minutes, even though 5 minutes is the standard massage time the person giving you your pedicure massages for an extra 2 minutes because they don’t work for their hourly wage but for the tip you are going to give them because they did an amazing job and went the extra mile.  Who are you going back to the next time you book a pedicure? And who will you tip a little bit more because of the great customer service?   


It might be easy for me to provide such great service to my clients because I love what I do.   I give people the same service I expect.  I won’t be able to make everyone happy but I can certainly strive to try.  My reward isn’t a tip, it’s that my customers will think of me and remember the great service they got and they won’t hesitate to refer me to their family, friends and coworkers and that is the best reward I can ask for : )



Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at

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Do Open Houses really work?  Are they worth removing yourself from your home for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday or maybe even both days?  Some Realtors say ABSOLUTELY and some Realtors say ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I say absolutely they are worth it.  Why wouldn’t you leave your home and let your Realtor allow people to come see your home while you go spend an afternoon at the park or take in a movie? 


Yes it’s a fact that you will get a lot of tire kickers, nosy neighbors or people looking for decorating ideas at your open house. Those people are the ones that will spread the word about your house, they live in that neighborhood for a reason, and will talk up your house to others they know that are looking to buy a home. The other benefit it may be a person who walks in who doesn’t want to hire a Realtor to help them look for a home  and they look by themselves going from open house to open house until they find one they like. Sounds silly but it’s true. 


A lot of people are scared to call a Realtor to help them find a home because they aren’t sure they are ready and don’t want to commit yet.   A lot of people have had a bad experience with a Realtor who maybe is too aggressive and maybe they felt pressured (sad but true) so they now avoid contacting a Realtor until they absolutely have to.  Some buyers will only deal with the Realtor who has listed the house because they think they will get a better deal (often not the case) so when they see the open house sign they are the first to show up.  Sometimes people who had no intention of moving decide to walk through an open house and fall in love with the home and just have to make it happen.


The point I’m trying to get to is YES an open house can be a waste of time, but what if it’s not?  What if that one person walks through and it sells your home? A lot of times it comes down to circumstances, the right buy may come in many forms, a call after seeing your sign, your realtor contacting their network, or that person who takes the chance after seeing the open house sign.  The fact that the home owner isn’t the one  asked to hold the open house, to take 2-4 hrs out of their day, to play real life frogger putting out up to 10 plus directional signs, the one spending the money on food and drinks for the open house guests.  All you the home owner has to do is leave the house and go enjoy the day.  It’s almost a NO BRAINER!  That’s why you hired a Realtor, you want them to maximize the exposure of your home.


The next time you hire a REALTOR make sure you ask them if they are willing to hold an open house.  I speak from experience when I say that YES your house can sell from the buyer walking in at an open house.  


Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at


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Last year my husband and I bought a house in a Cul-de-Sac and having 4 boys I was so excited that we were buying a house where my kids could put out hockey nets and play street hockey without worrying about traffic. It was in my mind, perfect!!  I mean isn’t that why people buy in a Cul-de-Sac? 
I quickly realized this wasn’t the case the Cul-de-Sac we bought our house in quickly became an over flow parking lot for the rest of street : (   Cars will park in the middle forming rows, forcing us owners of the homes in this Cul-de Sac to drive around these parked cars to get in and out of our driveways. 
Now don’t get me wrong, if one of us owners is having a party and we need extra parking then of course we will tell our guests to just park in the middle but this isn’t an everyday occurrence.   For people who don’t live in the Cul-de-Sac  that feel they can just park their car in the middle and walk to their house on the street and think it doesn’t bother us, I’m writing this to say it DOES! 
I think people buy homes in different locations for all different reasons and all anyone can hope for is respect from fellow neighbors.  I’m sure if asked home owners would express pet peeves of many sorts.  I just thought I would share mine.
Will I ask you to move your car If I see you parking in the Cul-de-Sac?  No probably not.  I will get over it and a nice glass of wine will help but would I appreciate that don’t park in our Cul-de-Sac?  YES!!
Have a great weekend everyone and remember to be mindful of where you park !

Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at


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How many times have you been on the computer looking at houses and you click on a listing that has checked off all your criteria boxes….you are super stoked, then you click on the pictures and BLAH!!!! You without hesitation move onto the next property and cross the one you just looked at off your list.


When advertising your property STAGING & PROFESSIONAL pictures are essential!  When interviewing your potential Realtor you MUST ask them the question.  Will you be hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of my home and will you give me suggestions on how to stage my home?  Staging your home is as important as hiring the professional photographer…make sure your Realtor walks you through your home and take notes as to what they are telling you.  Don’t get offended because he or she tells you to put something away or asks you to move a piece of furniture.   Remember you are hiring this professional to help you sell your largest asset. You want to list it for top dollar and expect to get top dollar.  In order to do this you need to put your feelings aside and do what they ask of you so that when that professional photographer comes to take photos of your house, it looks like a million bucks!  If your home is vacant, it is worth getting a quote from a professional stager.  I have seen vacant home sit for months on the market costing the home owner thousands of dollars.  Once they are convinced to hire a staging company, it sells within 2 weeks.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the way we live in our house is not the way we would present it when we list it.  This is so true for us who have kids and pets and full time jobs.


Your Realtors job is to advertise your property to its fullest potential.  Hire a Realtor who takes this seriously and who isn’t just about getting their sign up in your front yard.  Ask the questions and make sure they are willing to spend the money and take the time to make sure your property isn’t the one that you will scratch off your list.


Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at


Know someone looking to buy or sell…..Ask me about my referral program!

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