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The South of Calgary offers some great spots to get together for a drink, enjoy some music, the game or Wing night. Here is a list of pubs that I enjoy!
Brewsters Mckenzie Towne -  Whether you want to have a night out with friends in the lounge or  a nice dinner in the dining room, Brewster's never seems to disappoint.  If you love your beer then Brewster's is a place to check out.   Check out the rooftop patio in the summer and make sure you try what I consider Calgary's best Wor Won Ton soup. Thursday night is Wing Night at the McKenzie Towne Location. Wing night is Tuesday night at Brewsters.
Kildares in Silverado - Good Wine, lot's of TV's to watch the games and a salmon burger that is oh so yummy. Sunday's during the NFL Season you will find a regular group watching a dozen games on the screen, Flames fans will enjoy the goal lights when the Flames score. Kildares is a great place to book a party, its a great pub with great service! Tuesday Night Is Wing Night at Kildares.
Tommy Field Gastro Pub in Seton - Good Wine, a huge rooftop patio and a second level that would be a great place to host a party.  The decor and busy atmosphere gives it a bit of a downtown vibe. Definitely worth checking out!  Wednesday Night is Wing Night at TommyField
Berwick Public House in Cranston -  Another great pub to book a large party or fundraiser in.  It's large and has ample seating.  The large menu gives you lots of options and they have a great wine list. Wing nights are busy and the wings are awesome.  Whether with friends or attending a function, the Berwick is always a fun place to be. Wing night is Monday and Wednesday at the Berwick.
Muldoons Irish Ale House Pub - Located at 130th ave (South Trail Crossing) this small cozy pub offers a great pub atmosphere with a great beer selection! They often have a live band playing as well. The large menu offers a variety to choose from, my favorite being the Bison Shepherds pie. Wing night at Muldoons is Tuesday nights
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Everybody has their own opinion!  I have mine, you have yours and they have their's...who's right?  That's probably one of the toughest questions to answer in an UP or DOWN market.   That very question brings me to my question to you...How long is too long to wait?  I hear all the time, "wait till the new year" or "we still have a year or more of price decreases" or "i'm going to watch the market to see what happens".  The answer is that NOBODY knows what is going to happen.  I could send you 10 different articles that forecast 10 different scenarios for our future.  
In the Real Estate world here is the reality of our market.  If you are renting, it is an amazing time to buy, home prices have dropped and interest rates are still low. If you wait too long either home values will start to rise or interest rates will go up so if you are a renter and have been thinking about jumping into home ownership then there is no time like the present!
If you are a seller moving to another MAKE SURE your house looks like a show home and price it right, the good ones still sell and they still sell fast!   
If you are a seller and looking to buy another home in Calgary, then the same thing applies to you as above.  Your home needs to be one of the cleanest best looking priced right home in the market.  Why not get Top dollar in any market, you put in the work and you will get the most out of the market you are selling in.  Now you might not get as much for your house as you would have a year ago but you won't pay as much for the house you are going to buy either so that's a win win. 
Yes we all want to get the most for our homes when selling and pay the least for the homes that we are buying.  Hire a good Realtor and that's EXACTLY what will happen!
To sum it all up, what I'm saying is that, sometimes waiting too long causes you to wait yourself right out of a good market.  If you the home buyer or the seller are happy with what you payed and or got for the sell of your house then that's what counts.  Being happy selling a property in this market is tough, let's face it this is a BUYERS market and it should be super easy to have a smile on your face when buying a property.   I know that some people will think I'm crazy for saying that and that some people think they know exactly what this market is going to do, but If some of the most powerful, knowledgeable people with first hand information in oil and gas can't predict this can you?  
Get a good deal now while they are to be had and don't WAIT yourself out of the market
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I know a couple people that just refuse to take the steps to see if they can afford to own their own home.  
As a Realtor this is so frustrating and it just doesn’t make sense to me.  I understand that it might be too much of a commitment for some or the task is to daunting, and I’m not saying that just because the bank says you can buy a home worth $400 000 you run out and buy it.  What I am saying is that why not KNOW what your options are?  Why not find out if you can or can’t get a mortgage and if you can, what is the max amount you can purchase and if you can’t wouldn’t you want to know why?  Knowing why allows you to take the steps you need to take in the future to make the changes in your life to be able to obtain a mortgage.  Let’s face it, just because you don’t want to be a home owner now, doesn’t mean you will never want to be a home owner.  
I wanted to write about this because I hear so many young people say they are renting because owning just isn’t an option.  For some this might be true, for others they might think this to be true but if I sat them in front of a Mortgage Broker they would be shocked as to what they could afford.  The Reality is so many people don’t know what their credit looks like or how much they need for a down payment.   Some people say, “Well my bank turned me down, so we are going to wait.”  This is a big pet peeve of mine, because Your bank isn’t the only lending institution on this planet!!  First Time Buyers need to know that they have options, paying off someone else’s mortgage sucks and the faster you can become a home owner the happier you will be.  (for most people anyway : )
As with all my blogs, I don’t have all the answers and my opinion is just that…my opinion.  I just talk about what I see and what I hear going on around me.   If someone reads my blog and makes the appointment to see what they can be approved for or to find out what they need to do to become a home owner in the future, then I did my job.  So pick up the phone, or send me an email and let's see what we can get done.
Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at
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Over the past few weeks I have been working with a client who is looking for a home with a finished basement.  I now, more than ever want to stress to sellers that QUALITY matters.  
We are in a market that allows our buyers to be choosy, so this means that if there are 4 homes all with finished basements and 3 are finished by the owners who are trying to save some money and the 4th is finished by a professional, it's likely that the buyer will chose the home who hired a professional to finish their basement.
Don't get me wrong, I understand that not everyone can afford to hire the professional.  It can get really expensive and if you plan on living in your home forever and you are OK with your handy man skills then go ahead and do it yourself.  BUT...If you are finishing your basement to add value to your home then DON'T do it yourself.  Even if you have to cut back on the fanciness of the bathroom and not put a full bar in, maybe just a walk up bar in to keep costs at a minimum it is worth it.  QUALITY is what people want to see, add value to your home, don't devalue it.  If you can't afford to hire a professional then you are better off leaving it as an unspoiled basement and not wasting your money and time on doing it yourself.

I do have to say that I know some people who have the most amazing skills and can take on this challenge and it result is a beautiful finished product.  Let's face it though....they are far and few between : ) 

Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at
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I wrote a blog post a few weeks back explaining what good customer service meant to me, and what I do to achieve my goals for my clients. I would like to open up the floor and hear from you on what  you expect or want from your realtor. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and would love to hear your experiences both good and bad. They don't even have to be in a real estate setting, I think we can learn from anyone that is providing a service for us.  

I am hoping to create some discussion with this blog post so don' t be shy, leave a comment. If you are a little shy, but want to share, contact me directly at

Looking forward to all your comments!
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Below are the August housing stats for Calgary, compared to Aug 2014.  Not a huge change from this time last year. You can see that inventory has increased which gives buyers more of a selection, which impacts the days on market even if slightly.



  2015 2014
New Listings 2733 3131
On the Market 5146 4661
Avg Days on  Market 40 35
Averge Price $466,570 $475,676
% of Asking Price 97.46% 98.05%



To find out what your home is worth contact me for a 100% free and no obligation Market Assessment. Contact me today.


Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at

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I often find myself disappointed at the service I get, whether it be at a retail store or when I go out to eat.  The place I am receiving the service is irrelevant, it’s the lack of service that is extremely disappointing sometimes. 

My husband say’s I set myself up for disappointment because I expect the same quality of service I give my clients.  Not to toot my own horn but I do believe and have been told I set the bar high.  It is almost to a fault sometimes but in the end the feeling that I get when I know people are beyond happy with what I have done for them, it makes it all worth the hard work and dedication to doing my job to the best of my ability and then some. 


 I can make a lot of money doing what I do and I never let that go to my head.  I’ve cleaned homes, painted walls, decorated, sat at city hall to get RPR’s signed, driven across town to pick up an RPR, taken calls at 11pm, held babies while parents look around a house, create rental ads and showed the property to renters even after I sold the house and on and on.  Some might say oh I’m way too busy to do any of those things and that’s not my job.  I say as a Realtor our job is to help you SELL your home or help you BUY your home and if it takes doing any of the above…I don’t mind one bit!!!!!


Is it ok to give minimal service because you don’t make a lot of money?  I don’t think so, I believe that whatever line of work you are working in whether it be slinging burgers at Wendy’s which I did by the way when I was 16 or making 200 000 a year as a lawyer.  Your work ethic should always be to do a great job.   Laziness should not be an option and if you think you are giving bad service because you hate your job then GET OUT and get a new one. 

If I am running a business that success is built on Customer Service then I better give the best service in the industry and hire the people who are dedicated to doing the same.   Think about getting a pedicure, you had one where the massage was a mere 5 seconds and you’ve had one where the massage lasted 7 minutes, even though 5 minutes is the standard massage time the person giving you your pedicure massages for an extra 2 minutes because they don’t work for their hourly wage but for the tip you are going to give them because they did an amazing job and went the extra mile.  Who are you going back to the next time you book a pedicure? And who will you tip a little bit more because of the great customer service?   


It might be easy for me to provide such great service to my clients because I love what I do.   I give people the same service I expect.  I won’t be able to make everyone happy but I can certainly strive to try.  My reward isn’t a tip, it’s that my customers will think of me and remember the great service they got and they won’t hesitate to refer me to their family, friends and coworkers and that is the best reward I can ask for : )



Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at

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Do Open Houses really work?  Are they worth removing yourself from your home for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday or maybe even both days?  Some Realtors say ABSOLUTELY and some Realtors say ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I say absolutely they are worth it.  Why wouldn’t you leave your home and let your Realtor allow people to come see your home while you go spend an afternoon at the park or take in a movie? 


Yes it’s a fact that you will get a lot of tire kickers, nosy neighbors or people looking for decorating ideas at your open house. Those people are the ones that will spread the word about your house, they live in that neighborhood for a reason, and will talk up your house to others they know that are looking to buy a home. The other benefit it may be a person who walks in who doesn’t want to hire a Realtor to help them look for a home  and they look by themselves going from open house to open house until they find one they like. Sounds silly but it’s true. 


A lot of people are scared to call a Realtor to help them find a home because they aren’t sure they are ready and don’t want to commit yet.   A lot of people have had a bad experience with a Realtor who maybe is too aggressive and maybe they felt pressured (sad but true) so they now avoid contacting a Realtor until they absolutely have to.  Some buyers will only deal with the Realtor who has listed the house because they think they will get a better deal (often not the case) so when they see the open house sign they are the first to show up.  Sometimes people who had no intention of moving decide to walk through an open house and fall in love with the home and just have to make it happen.


The point I’m trying to get to is YES an open house can be a waste of time, but what if it’s not?  What if that one person walks through and it sells your home? A lot of times it comes down to circumstances, the right buy may come in many forms, a call after seeing your sign, your realtor contacting their network, or that person who takes the chance after seeing the open house sign.  The fact that the home owner isn’t the one  asked to hold the open house, to take 2-4 hrs out of their day, to play real life frogger putting out up to 10 plus directional signs, the one spending the money on food and drinks for the open house guests.  All you the home owner has to do is leave the house and go enjoy the day.  It’s almost a NO BRAINER!  That’s why you hired a Realtor, you want them to maximize the exposure of your home.


The next time you hire a REALTOR make sure you ask them if they are willing to hold an open house.  I speak from experience when I say that YES your house can sell from the buyer walking in at an open house.  


Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at


Tell me what you would be willing to sell your house for HERE

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Last year my husband and I bought a house in a Cul-de-Sac and having 4 boys I was so excited that we were buying a house where my kids could put out hockey nets and play street hockey without worrying about traffic. It was in my mind, perfect!!  I mean isn’t that why people buy in a Cul-de-Sac? 
I quickly realized this wasn’t the case the Cul-de-Sac we bought our house in quickly became an over flow parking lot for the rest of street : (   Cars will park in the middle forming rows, forcing us owners of the homes in this Cul-de Sac to drive around these parked cars to get in and out of our driveways. 
Now don’t get me wrong, if one of us owners is having a party and we need extra parking then of course we will tell our guests to just park in the middle but this isn’t an everyday occurrence.   For people who don’t live in the Cul-de-Sac  that feel they can just park their car in the middle and walk to their house on the street and think it doesn’t bother us, I’m writing this to say it DOES! 
I think people buy homes in different locations for all different reasons and all anyone can hope for is respect from fellow neighbors.  I’m sure if asked home owners would express pet peeves of many sorts.  I just thought I would share mine.
Will I ask you to move your car If I see you parking in the Cul-de-Sac?  No probably not.  I will get over it and a nice glass of wine will help but would I appreciate that don’t park in our Cul-de-Sac?  YES!!
Have a great weekend everyone and remember to be mindful of where you park !

Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at


Know someone looking to buy or sell…..Ask me about my referral program!

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How many times have you been on the computer looking at houses and you click on a listing that has checked off all your criteria boxes….you are super stoked, then you click on the pictures and BLAH!!!! You without hesitation move onto the next property and cross the one you just looked at off your list.


When advertising your property STAGING & PROFESSIONAL pictures are essential!  When interviewing your potential Realtor you MUST ask them the question.  Will you be hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of my home and will you give me suggestions on how to stage my home?  Staging your home is as important as hiring the professional photographer…make sure your Realtor walks you through your home and take notes as to what they are telling you.  Don’t get offended because he or she tells you to put something away or asks you to move a piece of furniture.   Remember you are hiring this professional to help you sell your largest asset. You want to list it for top dollar and expect to get top dollar.  In order to do this you need to put your feelings aside and do what they ask of you so that when that professional photographer comes to take photos of your house, it looks like a million bucks!  If your home is vacant, it is worth getting a quote from a professional stager.  I have seen vacant home sit for months on the market costing the home owner thousands of dollars.  Once they are convinced to hire a staging company, it sells within 2 weeks.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the way we live in our house is not the way we would present it when we list it.  This is so true for us who have kids and pets and full time jobs.


Your Realtors job is to advertise your property to its fullest potential.  Hire a Realtor who takes this seriously and who isn’t just about getting their sign up in your front yard.  Ask the questions and make sure they are willing to spend the money and take the time to make sure your property isn’t the one that you will scratch off your list.


Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at


Know someone looking to buy or sell…..Ask me about my referral program!

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How many Air Fresheners is too many Air Fresheners?


I can’t stress this enough when I am working with sellers. DO NOT USE MORE THAN ONE AIR FRESHENER!!! There is nothing worse than walking into a home that is over powered by air fresheners. The first question that pops into a potential buyers mind it, I wonder what they are trying to cover up?


Yes some of us have pets and they tend to stink up our carpets over time, no this doesn’t mean that when it comes time to sell we have to get rid of our furry friends or plug in an air freshener into every outlet in the house to mask the smell. What it does mean is that we have to take the extra time and make the effort to clean our home properly to eliminate the smell. Yes this cost a bit of extra money but in the end is it worth the extra $200 dollars….YES! I am talking about having a professional in to clean our carpets and area rugs and possibly our furniture if the pets are allowed up on them.


We don’t want to hide the fact that we have pets in our house, potential owners don’t want to be lied to. What we do want to do is put away the dog beds and toys and vacuum up the hair and have the carpets shampooed, so when people do walk into their potential forever home they smell freshness and not the overpowering sent of too many air fresheners that immediately makes them think you are hiding something.


If you are that homeowner who loves the smell of a scented candle then what I suggest is that you plug a Scentsy warmer into your half bath and that will give the whole house just enough sent to not be over powering but pleasant, I include Scentsy products in my welcome home baskets that each of my home buyers receive.


So to all you pet owners out there, me being one of them (3 dogs) even if you don’t think your home smells like dog or cat, people without pets can smell them. Go that extra step and get the carpets cleaned and put the air fresheners away, max one allowed. : )


Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by visiting, or visit her Facebook page at


Know someone looking to buy or sell…..Ask me about my referral program!

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I wanted to share a quick story with you all, this is why I love doing what I do.  I recently I received a call from a first time home buyer who was a referral from a client of mine, love my client referrals.  She made it very clear that  her and her boyfriend were just starting the process and that they were interviewing agents to see who was the best fit for them.  I thought this was a great idea and encouraged them to take their time to find the right agent.


Buying your first home is a huge deal in your life and the experience can make or break how you feel about getting involved in future Real Estate transactions.  I told her that even if they didn’t choose me, I felt it was important for them to make sure they found someone who had the time and patience to sit with them and go through the process, and not rush them into buying the first house they see.


Working with the right Realtor the home buying experience should be stress free and fun.  After about a week from our first conversation I received a call from her telling me that they chose ME!!!!  I was honoured that they chose to work with me and couldn’t wait to get started.


 We have already had our first meeting! I took the time to listen to their wants and needs and what they expected from me as well, and let them know what I expected from them.  I left that meeting with all the information that I needed to get started on the search for the perfect home.  They left that meeting fully equipped with all my contact information, the knowledge of the process of buying a home, the most important being the mortgage approval.  I explained the process from this meeting to the final signing at the lawyers office once they had an accepted offer on a house they fell in love with...and let us not forget the most exciting and enjoyable part of the process…..viewing properties : )


I have since set them both up on a search which, gives them listings that match their wants and needs, they are emailed with all new and or updated properties.  They then get to filter through the results and select the ones that they want to see, the rest is up to me.  We are heading out this evening to see their first 5 properties!! I don’t know who is more excited, love seeing first time buyers looking at homes, so much excitement and picturing themselves in each house, raising their families there.  I am honored that they are trusting me in this exciting yet scary chapter of their life and I am thrilled to be part of it!



Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by, or visit her Facebook page at


Know someone looking to buy or sell…..Ask me about my referral program!

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Why work with a Realtor®


That is a question that gets asked often, along with the “it’s easy anyone can do it”. The truth of the matter is that anyone can do it, just not well. Like any profession there are good and bad, and this applies to realtors as well, so choosing to work with a realtor® makes sense, and here is why.


Market Assessment!  Realtors know the market, they will give you a comprehensive Market Assessment which will show you what Fair Market Value for your home is.  Their ability to assess what relative properties have been listed and sold for is an asset when negotiations start for both buying and selling. They take the negotiations out of your hands and can clearly negotiate with the facts and numbers to back up the offer that you put forward.  Realtors are less invested emotionally in the property and can step back and see things with a clearer head.  They have been through the negotiation process time and time again


Lawyers!  When buying or selling your home there is always a trip to the Lawyers office.   A good Realtor® ensures you are prepared when it’s time to see the lawyers.  You don’t have to call and make an appointment because we collect that information from you and have your lawyer call you when it’s time to sign paperwork.  We make sure you have your up to date Real Property Report so there is NO money being held back by the lawyers office because you might have forgot.


Title!  When buying or selling a house a good Realtor® will always pull title.  By doing this we can see that the house isn’t in for closure, find out if Dower applies and see if there are any restricted covenants etc.


Paperwork!  The amount of paperwork that needs to be completed when a real estate transaction is made is daunting.  From the contract to amendments, condition waivers, title, real property reports, condo docs and on and on.   Your realtor® will be responsible for all of this, they will ensure your paperwork is correct and the sensitive timelines are met to keep the contract from expiring.


Realtors also filter out all the garbage that comes through, they handle the appointments, the no shows, the last minute calls, the low ball offers etc. and let’s not forget the tire kickers so Selling or buying a property doesn’t become your full time job.


Realtors have existing networks of clients.  They have the ability to tap this network to bring buyers to you and/or bring properties to you that are about to hit the market that you would be interested in.


Reagan Yablonski is a licensed Realtor® with RE/MAX First in Calgary, Alberta. You can get more information about the services she offers by visiting, or visit her Facebook page at


Know someone looking to buy or sell…..Ask me about my referral program!

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With the Right Realtor its a great experience.....



I love working with First Time Home Buyers....Their excitement is contagious.  As a Realtor it is my job to ensure that they are well aware of the process of buying a new home and the steps that we take to ensure it is  a smooth yet fun transaction.   


I  always start by finding out what my clients wants and needs are, we sit down and I ask questions about their WANTS and NEEDS.   Allot of first time buyers wants out weigh their needs and this can become overwhelming.  I think its important to remember that this isn't going to be your last home, this first house is a stepping stone into the big world of Real Estate.   Although it is a BIG decision, you are just getting your feet wet and you will have many more Real Estate transactions in your future.  My point is that you have to look at your first home in more of a needs frame of mind and hopefully we can add in a few wants...once you find your first house you can add your own personal touches with art work, pillows etc and turn it into your home.


Now that I have all your wants and needs we need to determine how much you can get pre-approved for.  If you already have this then great.  If you don't then I will send you to your bank or a mortgage broker to get your pre-approval which will then start us on the path of searching for your first home. 


This is a big decision so after every 3 showings we will sit and discuss your likes and dislikes and eliminate the ones that aren't going on the short list.  Once we have seen enough properties and you are satisfied that out of the properties on the short list your new home is on there, we can decide which one to put an offer in on.   Congratulations the seller accepted your what? 


At this point we need to make sure we get started on satisfying the the conditions that we put into the contract.  Every Real Estate transaction is different but the most common conditions are financing and home inspection.  To ensure we get the ball rolling I send off the contract and the feature sheet of the house you are purchasing to your bank or mortgage broker so they can get started on the final mortgage approval.  If you don't have a home inspection company you want to use I will provide you with at least three trusted home inspectors for you to choose from and we will make an appointment to have the house inspected.  Once we have waived all the conditions because the home inspection came back fine and the mortgage approval letter has been sent to me the deal is now a solid deal and you start the countdown to a new chapter in your life.


There are many areas I didn't touch on like what if something is wrong with the inspection or having to leave a deposit when you put in an offer or calling the utility company ect.  This gives you a good idea of the process though and your  Realtor should explain everything in detail with you during your first meeting


I think any time you are dealing with Real Estate it is important to make sure you are working with the right Realtor but I think this is especially true for first time home buyers.  They need someone who is patient and understands that they need to be walked through the process step by step.  


To all you first time home buyers out there....Happy House Hunting : )

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I Have Arrived in the blog world!!!


Welcome Reagan Yablonski Keller Williams Premiere Realtor.


This will be the place to get updates on the communities of Auburn Bay, Cranston, Lake Chaparral and Chaparral Valley. I have lived in the all 4 communities since coming to Calgary in 2004.  I love South Calgary, South Calgary is my home, my community, the place my children play hockey, go to school, and enjoy time with friends. There is no better area in the City of Calgary than South Calgary.


I look forward to interacting with you all through this blog! Feel free to send questions, comments or blog topics you would like me to cover. 


Stay Classy South Calgary


Reagan Yablonski

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